We are tired of seeing our own friends and family members struggle with their health. In spite of the billions spent on healthcare, and a new diet and fitness fad coming along each week, there is a serious lack of wellness education. We need to start with the fundamentals.

FFL was created to bridge the gap between just talking about being healthy, and actually becoming healthy. Our role is to co-navigate your health and wellness plan.

 Our  fitness and nutritional solutions are based on allowing each individual to adapt to change at an intensity and pace that fits seamlessly into their life. Small changes at first, basic exercises and nutritional adjustments that are easy to make yet effective in getting success.

 No matter where a person is on the path to wellness, they will fit into one of three categories:

1) Those who really need guidance on how to begin changing their health habits

2) Those who are close to reaching their potential, but just can’t seem to get there

3) Those who have excellent health habits, but are concerned about sustainability

We can assist your anyone regardless of their category or condition. Better health, longer life, lower costs – a nice trifecta.

Our Team

Andre Petett

Fitness enthusiast and masters modern pentathlete. Led sales teams for national companies for over 25 years. Achieved goals through hiring and training practices. Operated a sales consulting firm for 5 years for small business owners. Founder of Fundamental Fitness Labs, bringing that same energy and experience to co-navigating our client’s health.

Gabrielle Moyer

Well versed in the ideals of human physical wellness. Holds a degree from Penn State University in science, focusing on Physical Therapy Assistance. Corrective Exercise Science specialization certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

Kamau J. Rogers

Over 30 years of software and hardware design, building and deployment of back-end and networked systems worldwide. Built enterprise storage and cloud systems/services. Presently, building fractal data models, and algorithms for ‘internet of things’ devices as they relate to medical patient data storage and security.

Richard Schuller, PhD

National and international powerlifting competitor and coach. Author of six books on weight training and fitness, including the bestselling Powerlifting Over 50. Professional career as a senior research scientist and senior manager in applied R & D companies.

R.A. Freedman

An ISSA Certified Master Fitness Trainer, Titleist Performance Institute certified Golf Fitness Instructor, author (“The Fountain of You”), and speaker on fitness, nutrition and anti-aging strategies. Is currently the Managing Partner of Gol-fit.com/ Bess Box Technologies, Rich was also an executive with Shell Oil for 32 years.

Stedwin Coleman

University of Oregon M.B.A. graduate. Specializing in sales analytics, technical review of product configurations, and product market assessments, as well as financial assesments and due diligence reviews.

Julie Browning

National Board-Certified Health and Wellness Coach; received training from Well Coaches. Additional training in Lifestyle Medicine Coaching, Group Health Coaching and Whole Food Plant-Based eating. Holds an undergraduate degree in Physical Education, and Geography, and a Master’s of Science in Geography.