Group Programs

Everything that we do at Fundamental Fitness Labs begins with relationship. Whether you are a small group, a corporation, or a municipality wanting to improve community health. We begin each process by getting to know you and the people you serve.

Small group

Our small group program can apply to your entire organization or a section. The program is built for 10 to 75 people but can be adapted to work with more.

There are three ways to begin the program

1. Quarterly seminars to inform and educate. Then employees pay for additional services on their own

2. Step One Program for all employees. With quarterly seminars. Employees, or employer, pay for the Healthy Lifestyle Program for those who are interested

3. Healthy Lifestyle Program for all employees. With complimentary seminars quarterly.

Organizational Wellness

Our process begins with an assessment of organizational practices.

Which includes:

1. C-suite and key employee interviews

2. Gather employee impressions of and aspirations for programs.

3. Observation of daily practices to understand present employee engagement

4. Wellness events to educate as well as gauge interest in future events

From the assessment, we create a plan that includes a coordinated program of group events and individual assistance.

Community Wellness

With our community programs, we take a broad-to-narrow approach. We do this because we know municipalities and community organizations are particularly scrutinized when it comes to finances.

We start with seminars to give a broad scope of information to many people. those with greater interest can join us for workshops that deal more directly with their needs.

We then have the Step One Program and the Healthy Lifestyle Program to work individually with applicants.

Both programs require sign-up, so motivation and dedication will have already been determined.

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