Most people need help creating lasting change.

They understand they need to make lasting changes to build a healthy lifestyle. But they get overwhelmed trying to figure out what those changes should really be. And without personalized help and encouragement, they struggle to make any changes last.

There’s no place for the general consumer to get personalized health and wellness evaluations, recommendations, and real human follow-up …

Until now …

Fundamental Fitness Lab’s Individualized Healthy Lifestyle Program. For those who are just getting started, we have wellness guides to assist in your process. For those with more experience, we have a self-directed program. With both programs, you get our customized evaluations and recommendations. Along with our education modules to learn and apply relevant health information.

You Get Our

Individualized Healthy Lifestyle Program


Client Engagement Specialist

All Fundamental Fitness Labs Programs begin by having a conversation with a client engagement specialist. That’s because we are tech-enabled, not tech-focused. Our focus is on our clients.

We use technology to impart and collect information. But at the heart of our process is human interactions. This way, we can best assist you in accomplishing your health and wellness goals.

Education Modules

Deeper dive into Biomarkers and Fundamentals of Fitness

Individual modules on Mindset, Nutrition, and Physical activity.

Module updates and more in-depth study as one moves through the program

Nutritional Evaluations

Evaluation of immediate dietary needs

Create a plan for long-term nutritional health

Periodic Physical Evaluations

Initial assessment of structural opportunities

Create baselines for fundamentals of fitness

Periodic review to further your progress

Wellness Guide

Co-navigates the process

Creates a safe space to discuss concerns

Assists with implementing recommendations from the evaluations

You don’t have to do it alone

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