Get beyond resolutions and 30-Day Challenges

Most people understand they need to make lasting changes to build a healthy lifestyle. But they get overwhelmed just trying to get started. With so much misinformation what should you believe? There’s no place for the general consumer to get a fundamental education on wellness. Combined with a personalized health and wellness evaluation, and recommendation process. Until now … Fundamental Fitness Lab’s Step One Program.

You Get Our

Step-One education and evaluation program

Client Engagement Specialist

All Fundamental Fitness Labs Programs begin by having a conversation with a client engagement specialist. That’s because we are tech-enabled, not tech-focused. Our focus is on our clients.

We use technology to impart and collect information. But at the heart of our process is human interactions. This way, we can best assist you in accomplishing your health and wellness goals.

Foundational Education Module

Education on pillars of wellness

  • Mindset- How you think about the process has a dramatic affect on your success.
  • Nutrition- Gradual change to what you eat is critical to developing lasting change.
  • Physical Activity – The key here is finding an activity you will do consistently.

Education on Biomarkers that foretell longevity. As well as Fundamentals to help improve them.

Information to integrate what you learn into your daily life.

Nutritional Evaluations

Analysis of present diet

Conversation with coach to go over findings

Create plan implementing appropriate initial changes

Physical Evaluation

Proprietary one on one physical evaluation.

Physical evaluation can be done in person or remotely.

Develop a plan for physical activity based on assessment and personal goals

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