At Fundamental Fitness Labs everything begins with relationship

That’s why all Fundamental Fitness Labs Programs begin by having a conversation with a client engagement specialist. That’s because we are tech-enabled, not tech-focused. Our focus is on our clients.

We use technology to impart and collect information. But at the heart of our process is human interactions. This way, we can best assist you in accomplishing your health and wellness goals.

We have identified three phases of the health and wellness journey.

Foundational: When you need to establish a routine of physical activity. Have okay eating habits at best and need assistance to improve them.

Building: When you have some helpful habits and some you need to improve. In this phase you may have achieved goals in one area, but are lacking in others.

Maintenance: When you are already healthy and are not looking to necessarily improve your physical abilities, but simply to sustain them as you age.

Our tailored program will work for you. Regardless of what phase you are in.

Step-One education and evaluation program

Client Engagement Specialist


Our client engagement specialist is here to help navigate the process with you. They welcome you to the program and answer any questions you may have. They explain how the process is going to work and then are available if you have any questions along the way.

Our goal is your success; the client engagement specialist is our way of making that success more likely.

Nutritional Evaluations

Analysis of present diet

Conversation with coach to go over findings

Create a personal plan implementing appropriate initial changes

Physical Evaluation

Proprietary one-on-one physical evaluation

Physical evaluation can be done in person or remotely

Develop your plan for physical activity based on assessment and personal goals

Education Module

 An evaluation with recommendations is only effective if the information is applied to ones life.

This education module will ensure you have the necessary understanding of health fundamentals to get the most out of our recommendations. Thus making integrating these concepts into your daily life simpler.

For some this information will be a review. Most will learn some new concepts. And more importantly how they can improve your health and vitality.

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